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Laser marking machine

Times:        Date:2016-05-09

laser marking machine by a laser beam in a variety of material surface marked with a permanent marker. Marking effect is exposed deep material by evaporation of surface material, thereby carve beautiful designs, trademarks and text, laser marking machine is mainly divided, CO2 laser marking machine, laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and YAG laser marking machine, laser marking machine is currently mainly used in some of the requirements for more sophisticated, higher accuracy of the occasion. Used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments, eyeglasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, construction material, PVC pipe.
      Laser cutting is a laser emitted from the laser, the optical system, focused into a high power density of the laser beam. Irradiating a laser beam to the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece to the melting point or boiling point, and coaxial with the beam of high-pressure gas will blow away the molten metal or vaporized. As the light beam and the workpiece move relative position, and finally to the formation of the slit material, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.
      Laser cutting is invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knives, with high precision, fast cutting, cutting pattern is not limited to the limit, automatic typesetting material savings, cut smooth, low processing costs, will gradually improve or replace ships traditional metal cutting process equipment. Laser head of the mechanical part of the workpiece without contact, without causing scratches on the surface of the workpiece at work; laser cutting speed, cut smooth, generally without subsequent processing; cutting small heat-affected zone, small plate deformation, narrow kerf ( 0.1mm ~ 0.3mm); incision no mechanical stress, no cutting burr; high precision, good repeatability, does not damage the surface; NC programming, can be processed any plan, you can format a lot of cutting the entire board without open mold, economic saving.