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Fiber laser marking machine trends

Times:        Date:2016-06-25

(1) improving the performance of the fiber laser itself: how to improve the output power and efficiency, optimize the beam quality, shorten the length of gain fiber, improve system stability and make it more compact fiber laser is the focus of future research in the field.

(2) the development of new fiber lasers: ultrashort pulse mode-locked fiber lasers in the time domain, having a smaller duty cycle has been a hot field of laser research, high-power femtosecond pulse fiber laser has been a long-sought The goal. In the frequency domain, and broadband tunable fiber laser output will become a hot topic.

Fiber laser from the late 1980s had begun, due to its ability to generate ultrashort pulses, has a very broad application prospects, the world fiber laser research showed great enthusiasm. Compared with other types of lasers, fiber lasers with high reliability, simple structure, low cost, high efficiency conversion outstanding advantages.

Domestic research in this field is also carried out relatively early, both theoretically and experimentally, have made a lot of research. However, compared with foreign countries, there are still large gaps. In particular, research on high-performance fiber lasers is relatively small, the work also practical enough, the effect is not very satisfactory. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the study of passively mode-locked fiber laser.

In 1963, Snitzer first reported doped Nd, ten fiber lasers, thus opening a fiber laser boom. Especially in recent years, with the progress made on the design and production of optical fiber, increasing the output of the fiber laser, CW output power of a single fiber optic devices from one hundred watts up to the kilowatt. At the same time, having a large diameter cladding and a large numerical aperture of the optical fiber in the production of high-quality technical improvements, making it easy to implement and effective coupling diode pumping power.

The most significant advantages of fiber lasers with high pumping efficiency. Under normal circumstances the pump conversion efficiency of 70% -75%, much higher than the industrial diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSL). Such a high conversion efficiency of the laser system cooling and power needs, can be more compact than the conventional solid-state laser structure, coupled with all-fiber structure provides a very robust and highly reliable package design. Moreover, the fiber laser can significantly enhance the quality of the output beam.

Another important advantage: fiber laser technology can greatly extend the life of the device (compared to DPSSL), has led to concerns that the advantages of fiber lasers for industrial laser company is increasing investment, because the long-term reliability of the work from the very terms of the application level important. Fiber lasers also have other advantages: Because the waveguide itself is medium, high fiber laser laser medium disaster co-efficient; efficient fiber lasers can be easily connected to the optical fiber transmission system; core to do a very detailed, can achieve high power density; good thermal properties of the fiber, so fiber lasers with high conversion efficiency and low thresholds; output wavelength fiber lasers covers a very wide range, from 400 a 3400nm, to meet the application requirements in all aspects of industrial, commercial, communications, military, medical, etc. have good prospect.