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CO2 laser marking machine working process

Times:        Date:2016-06-25

In wood, leather, paper marking industry, surely we all know CO2 laser marking machine, but for CO2 laser marking, laser works, it may not be clear.

CO2 laser marking machine is the most common molecular gas lasers, gas lasers is the most widely used industrial lasers, CO2 lasers CO2, mixed gas of N2 and He as the working substance. Laser transition occurs in the electronic ground state of the two vibrating molecules of CO2 - between rotational levels. N2 role is to raise the level of the laser excitation efficiency, it helps lower laser level is evacuated.

CO2 lasers emit invisible laser 10.6um and 9.6um wavelength. The laser that is capable of continuous operation, pulse can work. The output power and energy, high efficiency can reach 15% to 25%. Its merchandise device continuous output power up to the order of megawatts. CO2 lasers on the industry has been widely used for drilling, cutting, welding and heat treatment, the industrial application is an ideal laser.

CO2 laser marking machine laser works

With other molecules, like lasers, CO2 lasers operating principle, namely stimulated emission process is more complex. There are three different molecular motion:

The movement of electrons in one molecule, which determines the movement of molecular electron energy state;

Principle 2 intramolecular vibration, i.e. atoms in the molecule about its equilibrium position stop to make periodic vibration - which determines the vibrational energy state;

3 molecular rotation, i.e. the overall molecule is continuously rotated in space, this rotational motion of molecules determine the molecular energy state; linear molecule of CO2 Molecules, flanked by two oxygen atoms in the carbon atoms. Each atom molecule is always moving, to keep vibration Raoqi Ping Heng position. According to molecular vibration theory,

CO2 has three different modes of vibration;

1 two oxygen atoms along the molecular axis in the opposite direction of vibration, the vibration of the two oxygen atoms at the same time achieve maximum vibration and balance, and in this case stationary carbon atoms, and thus the vibration is called symmetric vibration;

2 two oxygen atoms in the direction perpendicular to the molecular axis of vibration, and the vibration in the same direction, while the carbon atoms are in opposite directions perpendicular to the molecular axis of vibration, the vibration is synchronized three atoms, also called deformation vibration;

3 three atoms along the symmetry axis of vibration, the vibration direction in which the carbon atoms and two oxygen atoms in contrast, called antisymmetric vibration. In three different vibration modes, there are different groups determined level.